Quality is the Key of Success, and We have
acheived that success with our World Class
Quality Standards

Quality is our main priority

From the beginning, Tirupati Industries focused on the quality of the product. With the years of experience and experiments, we have learned and improved our quality of extruder screw barrels. We take care of our customers even after the installation of our extruders, screw and barrels when they need us.

Warranty is your entitlement

At Tirupati Industries, we provide the warranty of 1 to 2 years on our extruder screw barrel. We have confidence in our screw barrels. With the team of professionals, we make your screw barrels accurate and durable.

Not Satisfied – Full refund

Tirupati Industry is well known for its honesty. If you are not satisfied with our screw barrels, we give you full refund. This policy provides you security of your purchase. We know that our product will increase your trust in us by giving you better and long lasting output.

Process & Product Optimization

Optimization begins with the deep knowledge of critical variables that provides you success and we are with you. We only use the certified high quality materials for your product and we can prove it to you.

Inspection on Each Step

With our experienced team of experts, we take care of your product on each step. Because we want to keep your trust in us and we work on that. Only the fully inspected and approved are delivered to you. This is not it, we also provide you the complete inspection report of your screw barrels with the material certification and coating certification.

Rapid Response and Fast Delivery

We provide the response to your points in no time because that makes us reliable. Also we provide the delivery faster than anyone else because we understand the urgency. We keep updating you on your orders till the installation.

From Order till Installation Satisfaction

At We believe that customer’s satisfaction is the top most priority and to deliver that, we give you a satisfactory package from order to installation. We keep you updated when production is going on and also during the time of installation process, we stand by your side to troubleshoot your problem if you have any.

You Require Economical yet Innovative Solution

Tirupati Industries' core aim is to keep your business and production at maximum and profitable. We always try to provide you with the best products at the best cost. We also hope that you also give equal advantage to quality and cost. With our R&D department's hard work, we are able to provide you with the best quality at an economical cost. Tirupati Industries’ technology center provides a platform for research and testing opportunities under real processing conditions. We have state-of-the-art tools and equipment that assure the top-notch quality of your products.

We Trust
our Products

Maximum throughput of your melt with long lasting solutions