The Wide Range of Plastic Processinng
Machineries beyond the Screw Barrel

With Experience of over 25 years, Tirupati Industries has evolved from screw barrel manufacturer to supplier of Extruders of all kinds like Twin Screw extruder for PVC, Single Screw extruder for PE, Vacuum Sizing Tank, Extended Cooling tank, Pipe Traction unit, Pipe Cutting, and Tilting unit.

Tirupati Industries has collaborated with Wintech Industries, who is famous for their plastic extrusion machine quality and Tirupati industries is the sole supplier of Wintech Industries in India. Wintech Industries is a leading machinery manufacturer especially in Pipe Extrusion Machinery located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India). It is well-known for their Extrusion Lines for Single/ Twin Screw suitable to produce RPVC, UPVC, CPVC, HDPE, PPR – widely used in various applications like conduit, Plumbing, Agriculture, Irrigation, Building industries, etc.Wintech Industries has won its customer's persistent trust by always providing a perfect solution to their specific requirements.

Single Screw PE Extrusion Line – High-Speed Model & Low-Speed Model

Wintech offers a next-generation High-Speed model of a Single Screw Extruder dedicated to Polyolefins materials.

The Screw Barrel of High-Speed model is designed and developed in a way to ensure higher output, low melt temperature, and better result in melt quality.

High-speed Salient Features

  • Higher L/D ratio.
  • Next-Generation Machine with higher Screw RPM.
  • Proven technology ensures excellent output capacity.
  • Direct-coupled designed with minimum friction loss.
  • TC coated Screw ensures less wear and tear.
  • Higher output with good melt quality.
Wintech Offers Low-Speed Screw Extruder also assembled with Barrier Screw and Groove Feed design.
Barrier Screw allows high homogeneity of plasticizing with lower materials slippage and higher output.

Low-Speed Salient Features

  • Qualitative production as compared to the conventional system.
  • Linear pressure.
  • Uniform throughput.
  • Very good Melt pressure and temperature.
  • Improved material conveying capacity.
  • Low Speed designed Screw and Barrel.
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